Dan was born a completely normal child in March of 1967. Four months later, he had to have a standard Hernia operation. During which time, he was given too much anesthesia, where he died on the operating table.  He was legally dead for 4 minutes.  When they brought him back, he was legally brain dead. He couldn't walk, talk, or verbally communicate. For the months that followed, almost all of that came back to him except being left with a disability called Cerebral Palsy and has a speech impairment.

Over the years, Dan has learned to deal with his disability on a daily basis. He attended Hirem Dodd Elementary School in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the disability wing, where he was then mainstreamed in to standard classes. He then attended Parkland School District for Junior High and Senior High. During which he was a member of an organization called VICA, in which he competed against the state of Pennsylvania in the area of Lab Safety. He won 2nd place 2 years in a row, and then 1st place where he got to represent his state and school in a national competition in Wichita, Kansas. 

Dan graduated from Parkland High School in 1987, where he went on to form his own computer business and also went to work for a local Center for Independent Living, where he held the title as Information and Referral Specialist and Peer Counselor for Persons With Disabilities.    He was also asked to volunteer for a local transportation authority (LANTA) to setup a small Bulletin Board System (BBS) for its customers.  When the Internet became public, he was asked to register and build the transportation authority's first ever web site, which is still being used today.

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